DJ Alan Raw


DJ Alan Raw

I am lucky enough to be supported by inMusic and use the excellent DENON DJ equipment. I play mainly new unsigned and under the radar music, but originally I was a Dance Music DJ, playing Acid House at raves n Yorkshire and Hip Hop at Jams like Vapor Festival. I got into club DJing with weekly rock nights and Reggae nights with a regular slot at Rumors nightclub. Later I got the Lounge at Welly Club playing anything new that I wanted to champion. I started promoting and booking in other DJ’s. I’ve worked with Sash, Slipmat and many others then started DJing on BBC Radio with BBC Raw Talent 2002 which became BBC Introducing shows in Humberside & West Yorkshire. Since then I’ve DJ’d at events like Leeds Festival and at new music nights like 360club Leeds. 16 years on BBC radio still hasn’t cured me of the DJ bug.  I still have an uncontrollable need to find creative stuff that’s really good and tell everybody else to check it out too. Yeah I know there’s masses to choose from, but that’s the point. I can help you narrow it down and pick out the absolute belters. There’s always going to be a fair bit of Yorkshire and Lincolnshire based content, as I’m based in Hull, but in every set expect gems from the rest of the planet too.

Next DJ sets:

13 July 2018 #360RAW1 The Lending Room Leeds

25th July 2018 Bonus Arena Hull, BBC Introducing (-: first DJ to ever play the venue 🙂



CEO, BBC Presenter, Curator, Coach & Creative Director

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