Coding, Blockchain & Space Sector Work

Director of Research, Education & Partnerships at Pan Galactic Developments Ltd, based at C4DI Hull. Developing Blockchain, Web3, DiFi & NFTs, working within the creative, space, environmental & education sectors, we are an SME registered with the European Space Agency and currently developing exciting partnerships.

My IT Background:
I designed websites during the dot com boom in the 90s and worked on early streaming digital television technology for independent companies and with the BBC on the Red Button’s first on-demand content. Received a BBC Gillard Award for interactive content in 2002. I co-developed apps for festivals and tourism and became an early adopter of blockchain technology investing in the early stages of Bitcoin. I have been an IT, Communications & Media Tech Tutor for many years, teaching for BBC Learn Xpress, The WEA, Armstrong Learning, Cheshire Training, JobCentre Plus, FE Colleges and ITITC Hull to name a few, constantly empowering people to access creative technology to elevate their lives and employment opportunities. Currently studying Blockchain Development with Moralis Academy & Software Development with The Coders Guild. Proud to be Hull University Graduands Marshall and a STEM Learning Ambassador.