I say! It’s Black Diamond Bay

I’ve been into this band for just over year now, since seeing them at The Library in Leeds. I’ve now seen them 4 more times live and love them all the more for it. After uploading their tracks to the BBC Introducing Uploader and impressing the Leeds based Producer at the time Graham Albans (now at BBC Radio 2) they got a session on BBC Introducing West Yorkshire. This lead to a recommendation and subsequent appearance on the BBC Introducing Stage at Leeds/Reading Festival. The drummer is a genius, the vocals are gorging and that slowed down house sound is well sexy. I caught up with them shortly after Leeds Fest, at The Library again:

Apart from the fact that I was embarrassingly fat when filming this, it is one of the few times that I have seen myself do an interview on screen and not cringed deeply. I think it’s because despite their popularity, the band weren’t too cool to talk to me, like many are. In fact they are one of the nicest groups of people I have found in this industry. Make friends with them yourself here: http://www.blackdiamondbay.co.uk/

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