Hears a little trio of big recommendations for you:

In fear of Olive from Doncaster area, are very impresive live. Great songs, so well written and performed with style and attitude. I highly recommend them. My favourite of their songs so far is Saluting magpies.


Saw some very fine bands at The Library in Leeds this week. One of which was a complete surprise to me. I had no idea that they would be so good and don’t where they have been hiding. A band this good in my area, usually gets talked about within my earshot at some point before such an accomplished performance. Definately one to watch: Return To Aljustrel.

Just on the off chance that you are not yet aware of the incredible Middleman, I thought I better get them in the list. They are one of my favourite EVER bands. spinning plates is a great single, a great album and a great video, but most of all an exceptional lyrical work of art. Yes it really is that well penned.


That completes this weeks seven of the best, enjoy 🙂


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