What’s This Raw Music Blog

This is my own blog to recommend bands and artists, to anyone who can follow them, play them on the radio, DJ their songs and book them for a gig. I get asked constantly for reviews, feedback and quotes from new artists. Many of them make it onto one of the radio shows that I present in Leeds or Humberside. Many more don’t, sometimes just because they are outside of my BBC Introducing area.
So on here there is no geographical, style, language or other boundary. Just  music that I rate highly.
So check out the bands and let me know what you think.
If you want me to listen to your music, take note of these things: the best way to get your music heard by The BBC is to upload it to The BBC Introducing Uploader and your nearest introducing show will listen to it. Sending it to me is not a way to get it on the radio. If you are not in the UK or just want me to listen to it because you’re nice, then you can post a link to it on my Face Book Page or email

Remember these are just my humble opinions and you may not like them all, but give them a whirl.


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